The experience we have gained throughout our 30 years in the market has established Delizioso as one of the most dynamic presences in the field of nuts. With the creation of our website we desire to come closer…
It all derived from our family’s love for a healthy lifestyle, passion for superior quality and fresh ingredients. All the above resulted to the creation of Delizioso.
In our modern society many people have incorporated nuts in their daily diet. After all nuts are a good source of nutrients and depending on your preference you can toss them over salads, use them in recipes or snack straight out of the bag.
Our shop covers the needs of even the most demanding consumer. Within our shop you will find a huge variety of freshly roasted nuts and dried fruits from every corner of the world, from classic to peculiar flavors that are constantly renewed, maintaining the best link between quality and money.
All these products, always fresh can be delivered to your area in no time, protected in special packages that keep your nuts fresh and untreated for a long time.
Committed to our initial goal all these years our customers have been accustomed to expect superior quality and consistency. This is the main reason we have developed a long-lasting relationship of trust, and our goal is to continue in the same manner. Delizioso owes its great success to his amazing customers and supporters.

We would like to thank you for your preference as our relationship goes back to 1988 when we first opened!

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