Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. It is our first good morning, our company at work, our conversation with friends and our consolation in difficult situations. We can select coffee in beans for preparation at home or ground coffee based on flavor, the content in caffeine and the quality of the bean. The coffee tree is a tropical bush which belongs in the genus Coffea of the Rubiaceae family.

Its flowers have a cycle of life that doesn’t go beyond a day and immediately after are transformed into small fruits, and in their core they have two precious beans from which we make coffee. The roasting of beans is a complex procedure, which defines the tasteful intensity of coffee while its degree defines its final usage (the filter is lighter in color, the greek darker or espresso).

According to research coffee has higher antioxidant action compared to other beverages (e.g. tea, cocoa). These antioxidants can be found in all types of coffee even in instant and decaffeinate.

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