Snack Mixed Nuts

We often find them in a bar as an accompaniment to our drink, and this cocktail may include cooked and coated peanuts, peas, cornnuts, and crackers (eg shrimp flavor). These nuts are imported mainly from Singapore and China.

Coated peanuts, with wonderful pepper flavor (bacon and cheese). It's a delicious snack, perfect for your party, and the perfect pairing for your drink.

Japanese rice crackers
It is a traditional Asian recipe where its main ingredients are rice, peanuts, vegetable oils and soy sauce. It is a tasty and crisp snack with a sweet flavor. They are a healthy choice as they generally have no cholesterol, and have little fat.

Corn nuts
Corn nuts are a perfect snack for all hours. They are roasted corn grains, which have been added with vegetable fats and salt. The fiber contained in corn helps in good bowel function and digestion.

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